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You need long-term ant control in Marysville, Everett or Kirkland, WA

If Ants Keep Coming Back

Once ants get into your home, the smallest crumb can lead to a line of militant munchers. Luckily, you can find a long-term ant control solution in Marysville and Everett, Washington or the surrounding area. Harns Pro-Tech Pest Management uses an integrated pest management (IPM) method. IPM focuses on long-term ant control through regular treatments.

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Learn about our ant removal and prevention methods

Getting rid of ants is easy. Keeping your home ant-free is the challenging part. Harns Pro-Tech Pest Management of Marysville, Everett and Kirkland, WA offers a range of ant removal and prevention services, such as:

  • Perimeter -outdoor treatments stop ants from ever getting inside.
  • Entryway -placing bait inside kills outdoor colonies.
  • Preventive -keep ants away with quarterly pest maintenance services.


Long-term ant removal is the only way to keep your home free of the six-legged scavengers for good.